Images To Include In An Automotive Garage Logo

25 April 2023
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Having a recognizable logo is important for virtually every business. When you're in the process of establishing a business, one thing that you'll want to do is find an online custom logo designer who can listen to some ideas and come up with a logo for you to use. While some companies favor elaborate logos, there's value in keeping things simple, too. Simple logos can translate well to signage, apparel, printed products, and more. If your business is an automotive garage, the name of the garage will likely appear prominently in the logo. Here are some simple images that you may wish to consider including.


At an automotive garage, you and your employees will perform all sorts of tire-related work for customers. You'll change summer and winter tires, patch tires that have holes, and may even sell new tires. Including a tire in your garage's logo can work well because tires are easy to recognize. There are lots of ways that your custom logo specialist may decide to include the tire. If the name of your garage features the letter "O," the logo could have a tire shape in place of the letter. Or, you might want a tire outline to appear around the name of the garage to give your logo a circular shape.

Oil Droplet

A droplet of oil is another recognizable image that can work well in the logo of an automotive garage. It ties into this type of business because garages change oil and other lubricants on customers' vehicles on a daily basis. This shape, which is pointed at the top and round at the bottom, can appear on your logo in various ways. A simple option is to have it hanging below one of the letters in the name of your garage.


A wrench can also be a good addition to the logo of an automotive garage. It's a tool that you and your employees use for several hours each day and has an appearance that is easy to recognize. Your logo designer might opt to have a wrench run horizontally below the name of your garage for a simple look. Or, you might like the idea of two wrenches crossed behind your garage's name, creating somewhat of an edgy look that may remind some customers of a skull and crossbones. Reach out to a professional in your area for more information about custom logo design