3 Ways Art Therapy Helps Relieve Stress

24 February 2022
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There are many forms of therapy and each one has specific goals for patients. If you seek out therapy, one of the alternative options to traditional therapy is art therapy. Art therapy may include a wide range of mediums including painting, coloring, or mixed-media projects. 

One of the main benefits of art therapy is a reduction in stress. Learn how art therapy can reduce stress in a number of ways and turn it into a positive form of therapy.

1. Hand & Mind Coordination

Art therapy requires a lot of focus. Through the use of your hands and mind, your focus will be on the art itself. As you design, draw, and plan out artwork, you have the opportunity to relieve stress and take your mind off stressful aspects. In some cases, a therapy session may purely focus on the art and relieve you of anxiety that has increased your stress.

As you advance through different forms of art, you will continue to reduce stress and learn how to use the art as a form of mediation that you may eventually extend to your own life.

2. Talking Through Activities

The idea of a one-on-one conversation with direct eye contact and focus may feel overwhelming or stressful. With art therapy, you have the option to focus on your art while you talk. You can lower expectations and limit the intensity that sometimes comes with a therapy session. Once you get over early hurdles, you may find it easier to focus on topics while you work.

The conversation will come more naturally and you will not have the extra pressure to engage in topics. For example, it is OK to focus on mixing colors or painting for a few minutes in silence. You are not just there to talk. You are there to work through emotions as you create artwork.

3. Projects & Accomplishments

As you go through therapy sessions, you will have something to look forward to with each session. You may not finish a project during your initial session and ideally, you will want to leave some extra work to come back to. Instead of the dread or stress of a therapy session, you can put a lot of excitement into the projects you work on.

When you do complete projects, you will have a sense of accomplishment. You will have something physical that represents your journey through therapy.

Try an art therapy session to see how it impacts your stress. Through the sessions, you will get some hands-on experience and know what to expect for future sessions.