Order A Custom Framed Piece After Your Restaurant Opens

18 October 2021
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Opening a restaurant can involve several months of hard work, but it's important to celebrate your accomplishment once you're in business. If you've just opened a restaurant and are looking at various celebration options, consider ordering a custom framed piece from a local framing studio. You can proudly display this piece in a high-traffic area of your restaurant, whether it's near the front door, adjacent to the bar, or in a hallway that leads to the bathrooms. You'll want to gather several frame-worthy items that you can take to the framing studio for your framing professional to display in a stylish way. Here are some ideas.


A selection of pictures in your framed piece can help to tell the story of your restaurant's opening. There are many ideas to think about. If you took pictures when you were remodeling the building to make it suit your plans, one or more of these images can be useful. A pair of photos that shows the dining area before and after the renovation may work well, for example. You might also wish to include some pictures from the grand opening, especially if you held a big event that many local residents attended.


It will also make sense to include a copy of your menu in your framed piece. There are different framing layouts that your framing professional may suggest. One option is for the menu to appear in the center of the piece and have pictures around it. You'll likely change your menu — both in terms of adding and subtracting specific dishes and redesigning the actual menu itself — in the years ahead, so having a copy of your menu when you opened the establishment can be a piece that you enjoy looking at in the future.


Restaurants often have ribbon-cutting ceremonies during their grand openings. If you included this ceremony in the festivities when you opened your restaurant, it may be desirable to feature the ribbon in your custom framed piece. This artifact will help to celebrate the event, as well as provide a splash of color if the ribbon is a bright hue, such as red. If you ordered a ribbon that was printed with the name of your restaurant and the date, including a piece of it will be poignant. Learn more about custom picture framing that celebrates the opening of your restaurant by contacting a local framing studio.