3 Pieces Of Advice For Purchasing & Hanging Up Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints

23 October 2020
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If you want to add more color and interest to your home, you should consider purchasing and hanging up fine art landscape photography prints in your home. Landscape prints provide a wide range of colors, styles, and compositions, making them the perfect type of print to hang in your home.

Advice #1: Focus on Colors

When it comes to choosing landscape photography artwork for your home, it can help to first focus on colors. You can find landscape photography prints in a wide range of colors. You want the color of the prints you choose to either match or complement the room that the print will be displayed in.

For example, if your bedroom is full of vibrant purples and pinks, a colorful sunset landscape would complement the room. If your living room uses black, white, and grey tones, a black-and-white landscape print will complement the space.

Advice #2: Consider a Focal Point

If you think you would like to hang up more than one landscape print in each room and create a grouping of prints, it always helps to have a focal point. Choose one larger piece to be the anchor that you place the other pieces around.

For example, you could have a large landscape picture of a field of flowers. Then, around that larger piece of artwork, you could hang up photography prints of individual flowers. You can use the larger piece as both the physical focal point and as a way to create a unifying theme for the room.

Advice #3: Think About Sizing

When ordering a landscape art print, you can generally choose what size print you would like to order. When selecting a print size, it is important to think about where you want to hang the print. You need to consider what other items are in the room, how big the wall is, and how much blank space will be around the print.

For example, if you have a little half-way in a living room, a smaller print would look balanced on this smaller wall. However, if you want to hang the print over your couch on a big blank wall, a small 8x11 inch print may look dwarfed on the wall and awkward. A larger print would do better in that space.

When choosing landscape fine art photography prints for your home, choose colors that match or complement the room where the print will be displayed. Carefully consider sizing. When hanging multiple pieces, choose a focal point to base the multiple prints around.