4 Ways Custom Picture Frames Can Enhance Home Theater Decorations

17 September 2020
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A home theater not only provides an ideal location to watch your favorite movies and television shows, but you can also celebrate your love of film with decorations in the room. Follow our guide to learn how a custom picture framing service can provide unique design options and striking visuals for your home theater.

1. Lighted Frames

When you go to the actual movie theater, you will notice the promotional posters hung on the walls often have lights to illuminate the designs and add a little extra pop. If you own any movie posters, then a lighted frame will really elevate the visuals in the room.

A custom frame can feature LED lights which shine on the top and bottom of the poster. The frame size will fit the poster perfectly and provide a much more elegant look as opposed to hanging a loose poster up on the wall.

2. Ticket Stub Collection

If you've saved your ticket stubs from movies from over the years, then you can collect everything and created a framed collage. A custom frame will have enough space to display all of the ticket stubs and you also have the option to place more within the frame. The visual piece is great to look at and explore all of the tickets you've collected over the years. 

For example, you could look at the different movie theaters you've seen films at.

3. Movie Prop Frames

Along with framing movie posters, you may want to order custom shadow box frames to hold movie memorabilia inside. For example, if you have an action figure collection from your favorite movie, the shadow box could hold the poster as a backdrop and then display the action figures in front of the poster.

The glass enclosure would protect both the poster and action figures from damage. A custom frame will help fit the exact movie props and collectibles you have to display.

4. Frame Shapes

Add to the theme of a home theater with custom shape frames. There are two examples that would fit a home theater: a film reel and a strip of film. A film reel frame would form a circular shape with openings in the middle ideal for pictures. A film strip picture frame would have curves similar a long strip of film.

You could fill the frames with personal photos or images from your favorite films. Brainstorm ideas to really make the frame ideas stand out and create fun displays in your room.

Visualize your room to select the best options to fit inside your home theater.