Tips For Decorating With Wildlife Paintings

18 May 2020
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When you think of wildlife, what comes to mind? Many people think positive thoughts, such as thoughts of freedom and enjoyment, when they picture wildlife. If you want to convey these feelings in your home, you could purchase and hang some paintings that depict various wild animals in their natural habitat. Here are some tips to follow if you do decide to take this route.

1. Choose the animals based on the personality you wish to convey.

The wildlife depicted in the painting is going to set the mood for the room. If you want the room to read as loud and energetic, pick a more ferocious animal, such as a cheetah or a lion. If you want the room to read as quiet and relaxing, maybe some birds or an otter will do the trick. Squirrels and chipmunks are great choices if you're going to a lighthearted, friendly vibe. You would not, for instance, want to put a painting of a roaring lion in a bedroom where you want people to relax. That would run counter to the vibe you're trying to achieve.

2. Don't get too worried about the colors.

It's usually important to make sure the colors in a painting match the colors in your space, but you can pay less attention to this when it comes to wildlife paintings. Most of these paintings contain an array of colors as it is, since they depict nature scenes. Plus, natural colors like brown and green tend to match with everything. Find a painting you like, and don't get too hung up on whether it matches color-wise.

3. Choose the size with the animal in mind.

Generally, the larger and louder the animal, the bigger you want the painting to be. A huge painting of a ferocious leopard, for example, is so much more stunning than a small painting of the same lion. The space where you want a more tranquil animal, such as the bathroom, also tend to be smaller rooms, so smaller paintings fit well.

4. Don't pick anything too violent.

Yes, the circle of life and animals fighting are part of nature. You might be okay with these scenes or find beauty in them, but not everyone who visits your home will feel the same. It's generally best to steer away from more violent wildlife paintings when decorating a home.

There are some truly gorgeous wildlife paintings out there, and they can make excellent accents in your home. Follow the tips above, but also remember to go with the flow. If you find a painting you love for your space, that's all that really matters.

If you're looking for a wildlife painting for sale to decorate your home, reach out to an artist or art dealer in your area.