What Can Cause Your Video Production To Go Over Budget

20 May 2019
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If you're planning to have a professional video made for your business, one concern you likely have is how to keep the project in budget. Here are some common ways that it can happen so you know how to avoid it during your project.

Last Minute Changes

When a production company takes on your video, they work under the assumption that the script is not going to change and that they can plan to shoot everything in it. The script is what the estimate for the video is based on, since it spells out exactly what the video entails.

However, changing the script at the last minute is going to bring on additional costs. You may add an addition shooting location, which involves a location scout and additional time from the crew. If you add more lines of dialogue, you may end up extending the shoot day into overtime.

The best thing you can do to prevent these problems from happening is to not move forward with production until your script is locked. If you are working with a client and have not gotten their final approval, it is not ready to move forward with production. Delay the shoot if necessary, because last minute changes can quickly add up in overages.

Editorial Changes

There is a lot that can be done to shape your video in editorial. Unfortunately, having too many options can be a problem for some people. But keep in mind that having unlimited options doesn't mean that you have to explore every possibility in editorial.

You'll likely be given a certain amount of rounds of revision in editorial, as well as a certain amount of hours that it is budgeted for. Exceeding your revision round or requesting excessive changes that exceed your editorial hours is going to cause some unexpected costs that could be avoided.

Editorial is one area where you need to trust your video editor. While it is appropriate to ask certain questions, you should also assume that the editor has done their due diligence and watched all of the footage carefully. When it comes to revisions, don't stray too far from what the original script called for. If you spend too much time trying to explore new ideas, you could end up going over your budget of hours for post-production.

For more ideas on how to stay within your budget, ask the producer that you'll be working with at a local video production company