Tips For Making A Successful TV Commercial For Your Business

21 June 2017
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When you're a business owner, you're always looking for new ways to market your goods or services. Billboards and social media can be effective, but you might also wish to consider having a television commercial produced that can air on your local TV networks. This advertising approach should put you in the minds of many people, which will ideally lead to more people calling you, visiting your website, or walking through your front door. TV commercials are short—you might only have the budget for a 30-second spot, for example—and it's important to ensure that your message lands. Here are some tips for making your commercial production a success.

Provide Enough Information, But Not Too Much

Although it's valuable for a TV commercial to be catchy, you also want there to be substance to match the style. You need to make sure that there's some relevant information about your business, including how people can contact you. This information has to be clear—not just placed onto the screen for the last second of the commercial. It's also useful to make it clear what your business does that others do not. Likely, there are other businesses similar to yours, so make sure that the commercial cites your size, exemplary customer service, or the awards that you've won.

Don't Be Too Provocative

While provocative TV commercials can certainly catch people's attention, there's also a chance that such a message may alienate some of your potential customer base. You want to come up with a theme for your commercial that is unique and catchy, but not for its shock value. Instead of trying to catch peoples' attention with something provocative, you're better off going with something heartwarming that people will be drawn to watch through to its conclusion each time it's aired.

Keep The Script Tight

When you're writing the script for your TV commercial, perhaps with the help of someone in commercial production, it can be easy to get too wordy. After all, you likely have lots of things that you want to say about your business. However, too much wording can make the commercial feel cluttered or rushed, and it may lose its impact. After you write the script and time it out, start to edit it down. Several editing sessions will allow you to tighten the script to the point that every word is valuable and there are none that are excessive.