How To Zentangle A Picture Frame

17 July 2015
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Zentangling is an emerging art style in which people fill in spaces with detailed patterns. Many people find it relaxing because they are pleased with their work even if they don't feel that they have any innate artistic talent, just the patience to copy the designs and arrange them well. As a result, many people are using this drawing technique to create their own artwork to give to people. One way that you can practically apply this style is to cover the surface of an item with zentangles, such as a picture frame. Zentangling a picture frame is a great way to personalize a gift and show that you care enough about the recipient to spend hours creating an object just for him or her. Here are the steps for zentangling a picture frame.

1. Purchase a White Frame

Go to an art store and either purchase a generic wooden frame and some white paint, or purchase a white wooden or plastic frame. Either will work. If you choose to purchase a generic frame, make sure that you are careful to paint the frame with smooth strokes and not leave any bubbles in the paint. Make sure that it is totally dry before you start zentangling. For maximum effect, choose a frame that has wide sides so that you have enough room to draw.

2. Draw Lines on the Frame

Next, draw lines on the frame. Make them fairly random, but try to make sure that they intersect and leave large sections that you can zentangle. Use a black permanent marker or a black paint marker to draw these lines. 

3. Fill in the Spaces With Patterns

Next, use a thin permanent marker or thin paint marker to start filling in the spaces that your random lines have created with patterns. You can make up your own patterns, use generic patterns such as crosshatching or the checkerboard, or look up patterns online or in books. Zentangling is becoming more popular, so you can purchase books of patterns online or at your local art store. There are even mobile apps that have patterns that you can use.

If you mess up, don't worry. You can just fill in the space so that they are totally black if you feel that you have messed up beyond repair.

4. Add a Protective Coating

Finally, add a protective coating to your frame to keep the colors from running. Once you know that the frame is dry, mix one part craft glue in with four or five parts water. Use a paintbrush to apply this diluted glue mixture to the frame. This will make the frame waterproof and give it some shine.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in picture framing. They will be able to recommend markers for you to use on their frames.