Two Types of Art That Can Help Accent Your Home

20 July 2018
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The right artwork can make even the most basic home look absolutely amazing. A few well-placed pieces can instantly transform a space from one that might seem bland and uninteresting to an area that looks grand and theatrical. You might be thinking about beautifying your home with artwork but want to go beyond the traditional pictures that seem to be so common. The following list includes some great artwork designs that you can incorporate into your home to make it look incredible. Read More 

Tips For Making A Successful TV Commercial For Your Business

21 June 2017
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When you're a business owner, you're always looking for new ways to market your goods or services. Billboards and social media can be effective, but you might also wish to consider having a television commercial produced that can air on your local TV networks. This advertising approach should put you in the minds of many people, which will ideally lead to more people calling you, visiting your website, or walking through your front door. Read More 

How To Zentangle A Picture Frame

17 July 2015
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Zentangling is an emerging art style in which people fill in spaces with detailed patterns. Many people find it relaxing because they are pleased with their work even if they don't feel that they have any innate artistic talent, just the patience to copy the designs and arrange them well. As a result, many people are using this drawing technique to create their own artwork to give to people. One way that you can practically apply this style is to cover the surface of an item with zentangles, such as a picture frame. Read More